What is Bicyclism? What is the Necessary Revolution? And What Revolution Are We Going to Inspire with Bicyclism Anyway?

Necessary Revolution: How to Really Impact Current Environmental Challenges

Necessary Revolution is a constellation of ramblings around the black hole necessity for the cultural shifting of our times; from an endemic plague of over-indulgent consumerism and abject self-centredness to a transcendent perspective that admits the assertion of individual responsibility for our actions and their impacts on ever suffering Planet Earth. Necessary Revolution is really about the need for we people to think more critically about all those things that we accept based on worn-out traditions and unreflexive herd behaviour. The Necessary Revolution is a revolution of the mind. It’s all about the systematic exploration of all assumptions, judicious suspicion of any and all who proclaim themselves to be experts, and putting too much faith in the actions and arguments of others. The Necessary Revolution is about Critical Thinking and how thinking more critically about what we do in relation to our management of environmental resources in particular, is at the core of any pathway to a more ‘sustainable future’.

Bicyclism: The Machinery of an Enlightened Mind

Bicyclism is a context for a life. It’s everything that horn blasting, raging haters in cars can’t see when they see us out for a ride. It’s the full picture that explains why a cyclist might be out riding in a gale force wind, in the rain, in the middle of winter; and not because we have lost our car driving licence or are certifiably insane. It’s why n+1 is never enough. It’s technology, it’s lifetime health and fitness, it’s transport, it’s art. It’s cheap and breathtakingly expensive. It’s as diverse as a galaxy, it’s Small is Beautiful. It’s the answer to just about everything, from global warming through to the cure for depression. It’s fun. It can be misery. It’s utterly addictive. It’s the lubrication – if not the drive chain for a life well lived. It has all the possibilities of religion without the wars. Bicyclism Blog is my notepad for thoughts I’d like to share. It’s also the space where I choose to test ideas and material I am working into my book by the same name.

What Kind of a Context Do You Get When You Combine the Necessary Revolution with Bicyclism?

Glad you asked! If you follow Chaos Theory, the best any policy boffins or environmental managers can do is search for levers for change in the ‘right direction’. Given we are talking about Chaos and Complexity, and that our current environmental challenges are astoundingly Chaotic and Complex, there are more doors or levers to pull here than anyone might imagine. I reckon Bicyclism is one door that might be worth exploring. It might look like a strange door through which to influence change in environmental policy making, but that’s Chaos and Complexity Theory for you! It can’t be a worse choice of door than, say, those that just about any Government you might name are currently seeking through which to ‘deal with’ our collective environmental crises. Bicyclism is about culture shifting towards improved human-environmental interfacing. This might be a great door through which to seek meaningful solutions to Wicked Environmental issues. I reckon it’s a better door than, say, the one behind the Economic Rationalism sign.

Roderic Gill has a PhD in the area of Ecological Economics, was at one time a professor at an Australian university, was instrumental in setting up Ecological Economics in Australia, has supervised over 20 wonderful Phd students exploring ways and means through which to change the prevailing culture of fragmented, reductionist thinking that plagues our planet, and is a dedicated manic-obsessive cyclist! He currently holds the impressive position of Principal Executive Assistant to Shep the Sheep Dog (he is a farmer).

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